The Perfect After Workout Snack

The Perfect After Workout Snack

Do you ever notice that athletes put so much effort into planning their diet prior to training? Most athletes go to great lengths to ensure that their bodies have all the nutrients they need before training. But what you eat immediately following your workout is just as important but many athletes seem to neglect this vital recovery period. By neglecting to give their bodies the nutrients that they vitally need they are often missing the narrow window of opportunity to replenish damaged muscles.

Using Energy

During a hard workout, your body will have burnt up much of the protein that you so carefully consumed prior to your training. And a lot of people think that they don’t really need to take protein again until just before their next workout. This makes it very difficult for your body that is trying to recover and strengthen itself immediately after a workout. It’s at this precise time that your muscles need the correct snacks to aid a speedy recovery.

Getting Protein

The amount of protein and carbs your body will need will depend on the intensity of the workout you have just undergone, as well as the type of exercise. The recommended amount of protein that your body will need immediately after a workout is about 0.14 to 0.23 grams for every pound of your body weight. But don’t be afraid to take more protein if you want to. And the important thing to remember here is that this protein needs to be taken as soon as possible after finishing your workout. This is the window of opportunity you hear nutritionists talking about. It’s often said that as soon as you have caught your breath it’s time to snack.

Protein and Carbs

So a snack that is high in protein and also high in carbohydrates is what your body craves following a good training session. But what are the best snacks? The good news is that there is a wide selection of great tasting foods that fit the bill. Given that you have worked so hard to take care of your body it’s unlikely that you will want to take highly processed foods. And you’re correct to avoid them where ever that’s possible and convenient.

White bread is high in carbs and is perfect for sandwiches or even roll. Remember that you still need to satisfy the protein requirement and there are plenty of foods that fill that bill as well. Some salmon in that white bread sandwich would perfectly fit the bill as would most red meats. If you’re adding read meat to your roll or sandwich you may like to remove the fat first. If a drink is more to your liking why not try a non-fat chocolate milk drink, very refreshing as well as satisfying your thirst. A friend of mine always takes a few dates just after a workout but that won’t be to everyone’s taste. A tin of creamed rice pudding can be eaten straight from the tin and is a great post-workout snack too.