4 Supplements Every Athlete Needs

4 Supplements Every Athlete Needs

The need to live and have a healthy life is becoming a major goal for every individual more so athletes. Athletes have figured out that there is more to a healthy lifestyle than just exercise. It is important you eat a healthy nutritious diet as an athlete so that your body remains healthy and strong. Unfortunately, you do not receive every nutrient that you require in every meal you have in a day, hence the need to take supplements. Supplements are found in either pills or capsules or in liquid form. Their aim is to provide essential nutrients needed for a healthy body that may be limited in your daily diet.

It is vital that athletes take supplements because:

  • They help in keeping the body healthy and strong especially the bones and muscles.
  • They help in improving your athletic performance.
  • They increase your body immunity.

Supplements that are recommended for every athlete are:

  1. Fish Oil

Fish oils include Omega 3. They help you improve your performance because they reduce muscle soreness and aches caused during exercise or while training or competing. Fish oils also help reduce anxiety more so performance anxiety that is experienced by most athletes. They help in reducing your fat composition, especially when combined with regular exercise.  Here is some more information on why you should take fish oil everyday.

  1. Vitamin D

This is a nutrient that is readily available through sunlight but there are seasons or circumstances whereby you will not be able to fully access it, thus having a vitamin D supplement will be advised. Vitamin D helps in strengthening your bones and muscles, lowering muscle injuries like hamstrings.  It also strengthens your immunity function and helps in regulating your blood pressure.

  1. Multivitamins

These include zinc, calcium, magnesium and Vitamins A, C, K. Multivitamins help in producing energy and boosting your immunity. Vitamins like magnesium help in hormonal functions and proper muscle performance. They also help replace nutrients that may have been lost during exercise or training like sodium and calcium.

  1. Protein Powder

Protein is a very important component for it helps in repairing and maintain your body tissue. Although carbohydrates help in providing energy, proteins also aid in providing energy while promoting muscle growth and development. Proteins also help in muscle recovery, especially after a strenuous workout or training.

It is important to note that taking supplements does not replace exercising regularly or taking a balanced diet, just like its name supplements enhance your already healthy diet and knowing how to balance and integrate them into your diet will help you be the best athlete you can ever be.